Selling your books

We offer two options for selling your books.

1. Selling books Direct

By selling your books to us, you can:

1. Clear your home of unwanted books you no longer read or collect.

2. Recover a portion of your original cost

3. Receive some extra spending cash

Some general guidelines:

The most popular used books we carry are the Lakeside Press Classics. For these and others we pay up to 30% to 60% of the current listing rates "price". For instance, if the going price for the book is $10.00, we may offer up to $3.00 for it. This is for books we believe we can resell and are in Good to Very Good condition.

We continue to add categories so we are interested in books that we have categories for. We offer considerably less, or nothing, for defaced books, old editions, damaged books, or books we are overstocked with. Also, if we are not familiar with the book, or we know of no demand for the book, we will offer less than what you may think the book is worth. It may be worth more and you are certainly free to try to sell it elsewhere. We offer you what we think we can for your books in hopes to resell them for a profit. In some most cases, it may take months before books get sold. You may freely accept or reject our offer. We hope we do not offend you in anyway with our offers. We gladly accept donations of any books you want to give to us.

Regarding long-distance book buying:

A common question lately is whether or not we buy books from out-of-state clients. Our answer is a cautious yes. As long-distance book buying is a more time-consuming and complicated process than buying books we can actually see and handle, we have had to set some restrictions. There are five things you should note;

1. We will not offer a quote on books in some cases until after they are received. Condition is everything and sometimes the books cant be graded via phone, email and/or using pictures.

2. We will not pay the shipping cost to get them here. (We recommend using a cheap shipping method like USPS Media Mail).

3. We will not buy books that get lost in the mail. (If you want to know your package arrived, you can pay for delivery confirmation or use a tracking number on your shipment)

4. We do not guarantee we will buy every book you send—the condition, edition, age, and our current inventory of a given book all factor into our final decision and price.

5. We will not return unwanted books unless you wish to pay the shipping cost to have them sent back.


2. Listing your books on Lakeside Classic using "Booklister"

If you do not want to sell your books to us we do offer a FREE listing service "Booklister". We will list your books either individually or all together on our website for FREE. Unlike other book listing services we do not charge a monthly or yearly fee, nor do we charge for the listing itself.  We simply charge 15% of the final sale price when your book(s) sell.  If your book(s) do not sell, you are not charged any fees for our service.  If you sell your book(s) yourself, let us know and we will remove the listing at no cost to you.

All sales are backed with a 10 day money back return policy therefore - if a customer is not completely satisfied with the book(s) they can return it for a complete refund. This applies to all single books sold. Collections of books do not have a return policy simply because it difficult to grade all of the books in the entire collection.

After selling a book(s), will notify you of the sale via email providing you with the customer name and address. The seller is responsible for the shipment per the buyer’s shipping option which is paid for by the buyer. All money collected from the sale will be paid to the seller (less the 15% seller fee) once the books has been accepted by the buyer.

If you’re interested in selling your books on complete the information below.

Please Contact Us should you have any questions.


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